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Find Summer Reading for AP Language and Comp
AP Language and Composition
Summer Work 2019-2020
Summer Reading Assignment

Directions: All of the following assignments MUST be completed and submitted according to the directions provided below. Failure to complete these assignments may result in failure of first quarter. It is school policy that AP classes cannot be dropped in the fall; if you chose not to complete the work with the intention of dropping the course, you will be held accountable and marked down. Late letters and projects will only receive half of EARNED credit.

Students must select and read a memoir. A memoir is a piece of literary nonfiction in which a writer conveys important experiences from his or her own life.

See Ms. Bolitho in room 230 to view a list of suggestions and sign up for your memoir choice. The memoir that you select must be at least 220 pages and at an appropriate reading level for a high school AP student. No more than one student may use the same memoir. All work must be done independently and without the aid of online resources or other students.

Please note: Some memoirs contain mature themes and/or triggering material. You should carefully consider and discuss your selection with your parent and/or a trusted adult before choosing your memoir. If a parent objects to your choice, they will be made aware that you chose the reading and that it was not assigned or required.


  1. Citation and MLA format (Required for credit on assignment) (10 points)
    • Go to (or another similar website)
    • Click on MLA in upper right corner (make sure it is the MLA 8th Edition)
    • Click on book (with one or more authors) in upper right corner
    • Type in information from your memoir, then cut and paste citation into your project. Adjust color and font as needed.
    • Be sure to double check with the Perdue Owl to see that italics and indentation are correct after copying and pasting.
    • Follow the steps on the Perdue Owl for overall MLA style formatting.


  2. Rhetorical Analysis (30 points)
    • Select one passage (no more than 10 sentences) from the memoir that highlights a relevant argument of the text. Type the passage as it appears. Then, in 2 CER style paragraphs (body paragraphs), identify and explain the author’s argument by analyzing the way the passage is crafted to support the rhetorical purpose. You must include a minimum of two embedded quotations within your analysis and you must discuss the author’s use of strategies such as tone, types of appeals, diction, syntax, or figurative language in conveying his/her argument.


  3. Quotes (15 points)
    • Select five (5) relevant statements from the text and include page numbers (MLA format). These quotes should capture important insights of the author and/or insights into human nature. You will need to explain their relevance during your presentation, but do not need to provide in writing. These quotes should not be taken from the passage used for part B.


  4. Essential Questions (10 points)
  • Develop three (3) questions based on the larger issues addressed in the text. These questions should be constructed so that could be answered in a research project (though you do not need to answer your questions). Although the topic of the question should be rooted in the text, the questions should be answerable without reading the text. These should not be yes/no questions. In other words, the questions must be Level 2 or Level 3 according to Costa’s levels of thinking.


You will be presenting this project in class for an additional 35 points. The presentation will include a SHORT summary of your book, your quotes with an explanation of relevance, and a visual component (which will be assigned in the first week of class). I will explain this more in depth once school starts.

Please submit a virtual copy of parts A-D to no later than Labor Day. You will be notified of presentation dates and the visual requirements during the first week of school. Class ID: 21029742 Passcode: bolitho (all lowercase)

Parts A-D: 65 points (completed over the summer)

Presentation and visual: 35 points (completed in the first few weeks of the school year)

Total: 100 points

Summer Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment: Please write a letter of introduction that shows me the “you” everybody knows and the “you” nobody knows (except you). Make the letter extremely informative and do not edit out thoughts and ideas. Do not be modest or shy. These letters help to prepare you for the college entrance essay; they help me with your recommendations for college, honors programs, scholarships, awards and honors. When I write recommendations, I like to personalize them and talk about your specific talents, passions, interests, etc. Please use a computer to write the letter. The letter is due the first day of school and will count as your first major grade. I suggest you write the letter over several days or weeks as it will be lengthy and involved. I have listed below categories you must cover but you can include others:

• family

• priorities

• interests and hobbies

• achievements and honors

• strengths and weaknesses

• personal values

• responsibilities both in and out of school

• work experience (both volunteer and paid)

• things of which you are proud

• concerns/fears you have for yourself and the world

• academic and/or extracurricular experience that influenced you

• activities in/out of school (athletic, church, young groups, drama, community, political, scientific, technical, medical, etc.)

• hopes and plans for college

• hopes and plans after college

• best atmosphere for writing

• description of your learning style

• At this time, what do you feel will be the most important choice you will have to make in life?

• In what areas do you hope your writing improves this year?

• Write a one paragraph letter of recommendation for yourself that you might include in an application that would give information not found on a transcript or resume.

• Anything else you want me to know about you

 * THIS IS NOT A 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY! Organize the letter however you choose. To receive full credit, you must thoughtfully address EVERY topic above. Most letters are 3-5 pages.

*The letter should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, SINGLE SPACED (to preserve paper), with your name, date, and hour in the upper left hand corner.



In preparation for your studies in AP Language and Composition, you will need to further develop your close reading skills along with your ability to define and defend original arguments. Therefore, Sparknotes and online resources should NOT be used for the above (or any) assignments unless outside resources are specified as a requirement.

The following major texts are a tentative list of what we will be studied during the school year. This list is subject to change. Some titles will be available via PDF for your use; other titles will need to be acquired on your own. Therefore, I DO NOT recommend ordering all titles in advance. Titles appear in the order we will be reading them during the year.    

Black Boy (Richard Wright)

Hunger of Memory (Richard Rodriguez)

The Awakening (Kate Chopin)- Available as free PDF

The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath)- Available as free PDF

In addition, we will be reading MANY smaller non-fiction and fiction works that relate to the themes presented in these texts.

Please feel free to email me over the summer if you have any questions. I will be traveling and at various training sessions over the summer, so please note that it may take 1-2 weeks to receive a response.

Please remember that the reading project is due on on LABOR DAY and letters are due printed out on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Late letters and projects will only receive half of EARNED credit.

Have a great summer and I look forward to working with you in the fall!

                                                Ms. Bolitho

                                                Email: Class ID: 21029742 Passcode: bolitho (all lowercase)