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Media Center

Utica High School Media Center


The media center houses books, desktop computers, and laptops.

The media center is open for student use during lunch hours with a pass from a teacher.

Student ID or driver’s license is required to check out books and are also needed when classes come down to use laptops.


  • Read, study, do homework QUIETLY.

  • FOOD & DRINKS are not allowed in the Media Center.

  • Please throw trash in the wastebasket.

  • Technology must be used according to the Acceptable Use of District Technology Policies. This means no personal e-mail or chat room use.

  • Print only school related documents.


  • Checkouts are for 2 weeks, renewal possible.

  • Checkout limit is 2 items per student.


  • All materials must be returned by the due date.

  • You may renew materials on or before the due date.

  • Materials can be returned to the book chute at the front of the circulation desk.

  • Students are responsible for all materials that are checked out.


  • Students with overdue items are not allowed to check anything out until the overdue item is returned.

  • Students with overdue items more than a month or more will see a lost book fee entered in PowerSchool quarterly.  Books not returned are considered lost and the student is responsible for the cost of the book.