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Counselors Alpha Breakdown: 

A-Ge                     Dr. Krolczyk (on leave)/Mr. Benjamin

Gh-Ka Mrs. Bronski 

Ke-Pa/AVID           Dr. Perry

Pe-Z                     Mrs. Carabelli

Utica High School Profile for Colleges and Universities

2020 AP Exam Registration

Below is an overview of Counseling Services provided to our students.  For specific links (to Naviance, etc.) or documents, please select the Counseling Links button above!

  1. Guide and counsel students through the development of educational and career plans:
    1. Orient new students to the school
    2. Assist students in evaluating current status in relation to goals
    3. Guide 12th graders in developing and implementing post-high school plans
    4. Provide information and interpretation assistance with the following tests:
      1. PSAT10 - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
      2. PSAT/NMSQT - PSAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Exam
      3. MME - Michigan Merit Exam (SAT, MSTEP, WorkKeys)
      4. ACT - American College Test
      5. SAT and SATII - Scholastic Aptitude Test / Subject Area Exams

  2. Provide crisis and short term counseling to individual or groups with specific needs regarding personal, family, social, and academic concerns.

  3. Consult with teachers, staff, administrators, and parents regarding the developmental needs of students.

  4. Refer students and/or families as needed to appropriate community resources.

  5. Provide group guidance with college-bound seniors, vocational technical students, students with academic deficiencies, college-bound juniors, students wishing for financial aid and scholarship information, etc.

  6. Assist students and parents with the scheduling process:
    1. Planning individualized academic programs
    2. Reviewing graduation requirements and credits
    3. Revising course selection information
    4. Orienting students and parents

  7. Assist in identification of and planning for special needs students.

  8. Coordination with post-secondary institutions, i.e. colleges, military, etc.
    1. Arrange meetings with representatives
    2. Process admission and scholarship applications
    3. Write letters of recommendation as needed

  9. Provide and process supporting documentation and services:
    1. Update academic grades, standardized test scores, etc. in CA-60
    2. Medical alert information to parents and teachers
    3. Provide a list of student tutors as well as community tutoring services
    4. Publish counseling activities and programs in weekly notes, newsletter, etc.