A successful school year starts with having the right outlook
Posted on 08/28/2020
Trinity Lupu

Trinity Lupu
Utica High School

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Grade? Interests? Elementary and Junior High?

My name is Trinity Lupu, and I am a senior at Utica High School. I have been a UCS student all of my academic life, starting out at Roberts Elementary then going on to Eppler Junior High, and eventually landing myself at Utica. I am the Editor in Chief of the 2021 Warrior yearbook, where I gained my leadership qualities and a love for graphic design. I am also the president of International Thespian Society Troupe 4260, which allowed me to find a passion of mine on stage in the auditorium, most days.

What are some ideas you may have on how to have a successful school year?

I think that a successful school year starts with having the right outlook. I think it’s important to have perseverance though times like this, where we don’t know what is going to happen next. What comes along with a positive outlook is putting in the maximum amount of effort you can give. Even if we do not have our regular school days, that doesn’t mean we can't have a successful school year. 

What is something you learned about yourself during the school closure in the spring?

I learned that it was okay to not know what to do. I didn’t know how to do class online after 11 years of in-person instruction. I came to the realization that with every new obstacle thrown my way, I had to put more than enough effort into completing any task at hand. I also learned that I have an understanding and supportive staff at Utica High, who really did attempt to establish normalcy in our school days. They helped me, personally, since I had a hard time staying organized and motivated during the spring school closure.

How did your teachers work to stay connected to you?

Most of my teachers reached out through Zoom or Google Meets in order to stay in touch with us. It was great to see all of them working harder to support their students by learning new ways to instruct, and contact each individual. Having daily check-ins through Google Forms with one of my teachers helped evaluate how I was doing during this time of uncertainty, and truly displayed how much the staff cares about their students.

What would you say to a fellow student who may be uncertain about the start of the new year?

There are always opportunities to grow in one way or another. It may seem off-putting since we have never fully been remote to this extent, but it will bring out the best in people who adapt to their environment. We have a huge support web through our teachers, administrators, and other students that we can go to when we feel lost about the new school year. We will get through all these bumps in the road by staying connected within our community, as well as reaching outside of it in order to ground ourselves in our new “normal."