UHS Chieftains look to the future
UHS Chieftains look to the future
Students doing the U

Utica High School 2018 graduates may be finished with high school, but there is more work to go.

“We still have a long way to go my friends,” said valedictorian Ryan Olivier. “We have learned to much at our time in Utica for this to be seen as an end or a finish line. The race is not over. There is still a long way to go.”

Senior Speaker Elizabeth Cetnar pointed to their school’s tradition as the graduates’ key to a successful future.

“No matter what, remember the chieftain way is to do everything with as much heart as possible – 100 percent of the time, regardless of the outcome,” Cetnar said. “That is the Chieftain legacy and what distinguishes us from everyone else.”

Dr. Christine Johns remarked that this was the first graduating class to be born and lived their lives completely in the 21st century, noting the changes they have experienced in 18 short years.

“Through the lenses of experience, I hope you continue to marvel at this world and the endless possibilities that are before you,” she said. 

President Gene Klida encouraged graduates to use the character they displayed in high school throughout their future. 

“Follow your passions, be original, follow your convictions and most of all, be relentless in your pursuits,” she said. 

Principal Thomas Lietz reminded graduates of their unofficial motto: - Once a Chieftain, always a Chieftain.

“The Orange and Black we bleed binds us to a belief system and to this family of learners.,” he said,  “You are Chieftains. You are leaders.  You are young men and women of character who have earned the right to stand tall and sit proudly.” 

Lietz recognize the class for outstanding achievement:

-56 percent took AP classes during your senior year, and well over 60% took these college level courses during your four years of high school.

-Four the third consecutive year UHS has the state and the nation by piloting the newest and most rigorous courses - this year AP Computer Science Principles.

- Three graduates will earn additional AP Capstone Diploma for that incredible commitment.
21 graduates have earned the distinction of graduating as AVID Scholars.

- The 2018 class has divisional championship athletes, birthed Utica’s first football playoff appearance in nearly a decade, had more All Academic athletes than any class in my history, earned medals at nationals in dance, performed incredible plays and musicals, were award winning journalists, are celebrated artists and have truly excelled.

-More than 85% have applied to college, and the remainder will attend trade schools, go into our armed services, or directly into our work force.
UHS grads have earned $8 million dollars in scholarships.
- Students have performed more than 10,000 hours of community service.

2018 UHS graduates are:

Jacob David Abate

Raymin Khalid Abdulmaseeh

Alexis Rose Adams

Miguel Aguilar Ariosa

Ali Ibrahim Aliahmad

Sarmad Abdulmunaim Ahmed Al-Khafaji

Mitchell Garrett Allard

Ghadah Almosawi

Joslyn Teresa Marie Altomare

Joshua Robert Anderson

Donavin Antias MCL

Julia Anne Aquino

Dea Arrsi

Audrey Lynn Asgarally SCL 2 4

Savannah Nicole Marie Ashe

Elizabeth Hazel Ashley

Jacob Duane Ashley

Akashdeep Singh Aulakh

Logan Cadia Babich

Michelle Frances Bahoura MCL 4

Kathryn Elizabeth Balaj SCL 1 2 4 7

Alexandra Simone Balaska

Jacob Michael Balsamo

Maruos Salam Eilia Balyos

Arshvinder Singh Bansal MCL 1 4

Rebecca Noel Barbes

Anthony Julian Barbu

Evan John Bassy

Michael Joseph Bastone

Madalyn Julia Batres 8

Fahad Fikrat Toma Battota

Elise McKenna Baumann

Reese Jospeh Beeker MCL 5

Regan Ashley Beitel CL

Remares Dante Bell

Abigail Lynn Bennett SCL

Anthony Joseph Beste

Tatum Diane Elizabeth Betham MCL

Paige Anne Bialik 4

Marley Grace Biernaczonek

Vincent Peter Bommarito CL

Reid Joseph Bonifas MCL 1 4

Arbad Boulus

Kyle Ryan Bowdich

A'dealia Frances Boyd

Matthew William Braet CL

Cecilie Maria Buie

Dylan Anthony Burg CL

Connor Dale Burns MCL 6

Adam Michael Byrne

Daniel Martin Byrne

Mikayla Katherine Calverley SCL 1 2 4 5

Brandon Bernard Campion SCL 4

Noah Jonathan Caoile-Komic

Jessica Ann Capanda SCL 1 4

Ryan Michael Carrier

Savannah Lynn Carriere

Leonard Rafael Andres Casem MCL 4

Carmen Leticia Cervantes

Elizabeth Lauren Cetnar SCL 1 2 4 7

Aaron Dwayne Chapman

Veronica Elise Check

Alec Necolaos Christy

Lexie Rae Christy

Olivia Paige Christy CL

Emily Ann Ciraulo

James Russell Clark III

Chloe Rene Clyne SCL 1 2 4

Nicholas Noah Cole 8

Alea Rose Confer SCL 1 4 5

Keaton Patrick Connelly MCL 1 4 6

Krystal Nicole Connor MCL 4

Lucas James Cope

Hannah Marie Cothran

Emily LueAnn Cox

Kayla Rae Cristodero

Basha Maria Crivella

Cameron David Cubitt CL 4

Aaron Mark Cvitkovich

Emillio Elia Dabish

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Daiek CL 1

Mikayla Briann Dale

Mackenzie Ann Daley 8

Gabrielle Carmella Davidson CL 4

Hunter Gregory Davies CL 4

Claire Elise Decker SCL 3 4

Evelyn Grace Decker SCL 1

Elizabeth Dedvukaj SCL 2 4

Brendan Gerald DeHondt

Tyler Silvain DeKiere

Justine Alyssa Dela Paz

McKenzie Jean DeLaere

Matthew John DesRosiers SCL 4

Tyler Julian Dickow

Larissa Kelly Diem-Conlen

Anthony Joseph DiFalco

Charles Joseph DiLorenzo SCL 4

Anthony DiMercurio-Burr

Giovanni Francesco DiNoto

Kristina Djelaj 8

Tyler Anthony Dolkowski

Bailey McKenzie Douglas MCL 4

Logan Joseph Drejewski CL

Evan Nicholas Driscoll MCL

Makenna Reyn Durham

Isabella Grace Durst MCL 4

Julianne Carol Einkorn SCL 1 2 4

Heidy Alejandra Enriquez-Tarazon

Falantina Fahmi Esho

Jennifer Ann Esper

Justin Rae Esper

Zachary David Essenmacher

Adam Alexander Everaert

Antonio Sam Farid

Clare Margaret Feeman MCL 4

Alex Vincenzo Ferrara

Tyler Vincent Foster

Brandon Patrick Fox MCL

Michael Charles Fox III CL 8

Neil James Fraylick CL 4 6

Alex Jacob Freeman 6

Beniamin Jan Fronczek

Natalie Rose Fullmer

Austin Jeremiah Gambrell 6

Yousif Farouq Gamoura

Xinyuan Gao MCL 4 5

Leiah Jeanne Gardiner MCL 4

Daniella Rae Garza

Lance Thomas Gauthier

Todd David Gebhart Jr. SCL 1 2 4 7

Hanna Marie Gehrke SCL 1 2 4

Ashley Lynn Geis MCL 4

Marcella Mary George

Roman Dusan Germanski SCL 1 2 4 5

Giuseppe Angelo Giambanco

Rocco Joseph Giambanco CL

Marcella Ann Gibson SCL 1 4

Mercedes Rose Gilbert

Skylar Christine Gilbert

Darby Poder Gilkinson SCL 2 7

Isabelle Rose Gjelaj CL 4

Gjon Gjonaj CL

Marina Gojcaj

Mariah Gorges

Jared Michael Green CL

Alexander Lloyd Gregory

Gabriella Grace Grimaldi SCL 1 2 4 7

Elizabeth Autumn Gryn

Sarah Renee Grzadzinski 4

Claire Michelle Gulish MCL

Shawn Matthew Habba

Patrick Nicholas Habbouche

Melaney Sarmad Habib SCL 1 2

Brendon Liam Haithcock SCL 1 2 4 5

Shelby Ann Hall

Lucas Steven Hannan MCL 4

Michael Gabriel Raphael Hannish

Keate Alan Harnish

Eann Carrier Harris

Liam Wayne Hart MCL 4

Maxamillian Paul Hartwell CL 4 8

Joseph Phillip Heck

Shaun Michael Heinrich-Weible

Tyler Remington Heller

Stephen Daniel Helser

Erika Kristine Henderson SCL 1 3

Briana Marie Henig SCL 1 2 4 7

Brett Matthew Henze

Mark Austin Herc SCL 4 8

Tyler James Herc SCL 2 4

Jose Gilberto Hernandez

Kavon Lamond Higdon

Amanda Grace Hill 8

Victoria Faith Hill

Noah Christopher Hintz

Katryn Effie Hodges

Madalyn Paige Hoffman

Jayson William Hood

Arven Adeeb Hormez

Cassidy Nicole Hough SCL 4

Elijah Robert Huyghe SCL 1 4

Awjeen Mohsin Ibrahim

Yousif Edwar Ieso CL

Nashwan Ismael

JohnPaul George Issa

Kyle Rufus Jackson

Andrew David Jewell 8

Douglas Matthew Jezak

Garrett Stephen Joachim CL

Kailey Breanne Johnston CL 6

Randy Haitham Karana SCL 1 2 4

Ryan Jason Kaszubski CL 4

Jacob Gary Keary

Paul Michael Kent SCL 1 2 5

Andrew Robert Kerr

Mary Isabella Keta SCL 1 2 4 5

Sydney Marie Kibiloski

Desirae Rennae Kibzey

John Patrick-Clayton Kilian

Miranda Naziha Kinaia

Chase Taylor Knoph

Clarissa Katherine Koski

Donald John Krall MCL 4

Lucas Stephen Krause

Julia Brooke Krueger

Seanna Hais Zoo Kue

Hitesh Kumar

Alayna Mareta Kurek CL

Alexandrea Makayla Kurish SCL 4

Sarah Mackenzie Kurish MCL 4

Mirella Celeste Labrada

Kamri Alaysia Lamb MCL 4

Jacob Cole Lanfear 8

Emerson Grace Lankford SCL 1 2 4 7

Armand Antonio Lanni

Cameron James Lanning

Alexander Chad Larsen SCL 1 2 4 9

Ta Mia Domonique Lee 8

Jerry Leon

Jacob Steven Leonard

Madison McKenna Leonard

Alessandra Maria Lico MCL 4

Joshua Paul Caudal Lorenzo CL 4

Emily Ann Lorkowski MCL 4

Asia Marie Lowell

Mackenzie Faith Lowell

Daniel Lumaj

Drake Eric Lundquist

Elijah Clemente Lung

Mark Anthony Machusko 4

Daisy Marlene Macias Gonzalez SCL 2 4 7

Kaylin Louise Macks SCL 1 2 4

Rehan Joseph Manimaleth SCL 1 4 6

Delia Elaine Marogy

Marian Amad Maroki

Sandrew Khalid Maroof

Bianca Mariana Martinez CL 4 7 8

Nelson Ian Martinez-Macias

Jacob Curtis Mason

Joana Matia

Alison Rae Matthews

Dalian Fadhil Matti

Jonathan Craig Mauser CL 4 6

Emily Ann Maze MCL 4

Sydney Faith McClellan

Maria Dominique McCollom CL 4

Joshua John McCollum CL

Nicole Ellen McMenomay

Nathan Thomas Melasi SCL 1

Mariana Kathryn Merandi SCL 1 2 4

Rachel Anne Miller SCL 1 2 4

Jack Patrick Milne CL

Peter James Milne MCL

Devin Shay Mispelon 8

Muhammad Shaf Moeen SCL 1 4

Amanda Christine Monarch SCL 2 4 7

Michgrace Fernandez Monsod

Justis Marie Montgomery

Austin Roland Moore

Madison Riley Mosher

Colin Matthew Motloch

Silva Nacaj MCL

Kailee Kristina Naif

Antonio Eddie Najor 8

Angelina Mary Narra CL

Salvatore Michael Narusch MCL

Kayla Elizabeth Navarrete Cardenas CL 4

Estefania Navarro Cruz

Donovan Tamduc Nguyen MCL

Anna Sue Nichol

Maria Christine Nicholls CL 6

Taylor Gabrielle Nichols MCL 4

Rachel Ann Nicks MCL 4

Jessica Elizabeth Norris SCL 4

Mentor Nrejaj CL

Camille Marie O'Brien CL

Ryan Charles Olivier SCL 1 2 4 5 9

James Daniel Opalewski

Paul Allen Otis

Dylan Alexander Page

Vincent Paul Paine Jr.

Giovanni Anthony Pansera CL

Bennet Joseph Parisi

Stephanie Marie Parochetti

Jordan Kaye Pascua 8

Tommie Ann Passalacqua CL

Brandy Lynn Paton MCL

Alexa Rose Patru 6

Megan Patrice Pawenski CL

Shane Alan Pawenski MCL

Anna Maureen Pearce

Amber Rose Pellegrini

Heather Lauren Pezanowski SCL 4

Darek Jeffery Pick

Faith Christian Pielack SCL 1 2 8

Richard Francis Pinto MCL

Darin Michael Pogasic

Veronica Fawn Poker MCL

Alexandria Polisena

Rita Najah Polus

Dana Catherine Pomaranski MCL 4

Allison Marie Poth CL 4 7

Grant Lloyd Powell

Julianna Rose Pulaski MCL 4

Courtney Leigh Pullman

Seth Liev Purcilly CL

Robert William Rabine

Joel Ramirez 8

Natalie Frances Reid SCL 1 2

Nalani Marie Renta Villanueva MCL 1 4

Reagan Lynn Richardson

Sarah Ariel Richardson MCL 4

Bentley Glen Roberts

Sophia Lynn Robins

Savannah Cassidy Robinson

Kieran Patrick Roehl

Alex Joseph Roy SCL 1 2 4 5

Quinn Avery Rylander SCL 4

Alexina Saji SCL 4

Robert James Salyers

Jibin Samuel MCL 1 4 5

Grant Gardner Saylor 5

Elizabeth Dvonne Schroeder

Logan Anthony Schultz

Kimberly Lynn Schummer CL

Samantha Jo Schutte

Antonella Selboja CL 4

Makenzie Leigh Selby

Myron Joseph Shaba SCL 1 2 4 9

Mya Elizabeth Shaw

Kyle William Shock

Ariana Sierra

Tyler Raymond Siluk MCL 4

Joseph Alexander- Jozefowicz Simbeni SCL 1 2

4 5

Korina Allison Sinauskas

Anmol Kaur Singh SCL 1 2 4 5

Adrian Sinishtaj

Shayla Rae Siwicki

Cameron James Sloss CL

Tavish Anthony Smith

Tristan Thomas Smith

Andrew Gary Soldan

Nicole Lauren Solomon

Samuel Gianpaolo Galicia Soriano MCL 4 6

Gianna Rose Speros

Cassidy Simonne Spinale

Ashley Bryann Spitzbarth SCL 1 4

Mackenzie Leigh Staller

Shelby Marie Still

Angelina Rose Stout SCL 1 2

Jacob Thomas Stradley

Edward Allen Strehl

Alexis Lynn Streiber MCL 4

Adam Michael Stroup

Emily Elizabeth Suchoski SCL 1 2 4 5

Christene Nashwan Sulaiman

Donovan Christopher Swick

Justin Samuel Szathmari

Stone Robert Tanner

Nikola Tegeltija

Danielle Kathleen Thayer MCL 7

Griffin Andrew Thomas MCL

Sarah Louise Thomas CL 4

James Tyler Todd

Sanja Todorovik SCL 1 4 7

Brandon Michael Troye

Daynera Nicole Turkin

Jared William Turski 8

Britney Rose Tyler

Garrett James Valliere

Grace Louise Veenstra SCL 1 2 4 7

Paige Marie Vermeersch

Russell Alan Vollick

Nina Binh Vuong CL 4

Tyler James Waddell CL 4 6

Jagger John Wagner

Juan Floyd Walker

Zachary Steven Walker

Kabeer Waris CL 4

Naomi Alice Watkins

Lindsey Marie Wawrzyniak CL 4

Andrew Lewis Weith

Logan Clemens Wessel

Noah Robert Wexler CL 4

Jalen Shane Wilcox

Thearthur D'Juan Williams

Tyler Joseph Williams

Benjamin Matthew Wise

Jay Edwin Woody III

Makayla Canar Wosek MCL

Isabella Grace Wykowski

Brian Scott Yarrington 8

Remario I Yatooma

Bryan Anthony Young

Lucas Youno SCL 1 4

Destiny Marie Yousif

Fadya Raad Yousif CL 4 8

Evan Alan Zack

Wyatt Austin Zack

Matthew Harrison Zaleski CL 4

Vanessa Zapata

Caleb Nathan Zerilli MCL 4

Riley Paige Zuzga SCL 1 4

Tori Alexandra Zygner 8

Cody Joon-Kee Zynda CL

Summa Cum Laude – SCL

GPA 3.9 & Above

Magna Cum Laude – MCL

GPA 3.7 - 3.89

Cum Laude – CL

GPA 3.5 - 3.69

1 UCS Advanced Placement Scholar

2 Valedictorian

3 Salutatorian

4 National Honor Society

5 Utica Center for Mathematics,

Science and Technology

6 Utica Center for Science and Industry

7 Seal of Global Language

8 AVID Scholar

9 Advance Placement Capstone Diploma Candidate